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Wir veröffentliche unser erstes  Album! 

Durch die Förderung von Neustart Kultur und einer erfolgreichen Kickstarter Kampagne, haben wir mit dem Label „Coviello Classics“ eine CD Aufgenommen.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us!

RELEASE: Starting from February 2, 2024, the CD will be available in stores.

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In our new program 'The Queen's Masque – Metamorphoses of Power,' we focus on the music of the second half of the 16th century. During this time, the English masque held significant societal and political significance and flourished at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. In essence, the masque was a grand celebration featuring not only music and dance but also satirical plays, pantomime, and masquerade. An integral part of it was the so-called 'Antimasque,' portraying wild, animalistic, and uncouth elements as a counterpart to the ordered world.

A plethora of the beautifully transmitted repertoire focuses on the Queen herself.

On our CD, we particularly shed light on Elizabeth I, who, as a woman in a position of power, was both admired and criticized. We aim to explore the significance of societal roles, which are now critically questioned, through our music.

In the words of John Bennet:

„Her name all bliss, with voice demiss I sing adoring, Humbly imploring that my rude voice may please her sacred ears, whose skill deserves the music of the spheres“